Shipshewana, IN

Sunday June 4

Sunday, June 3, we met Mike & Karen Davis, the couple we are going to be traveling with this summer.   We traveled to JC Refrigeration in Shipshewana, IN, to have the cooling units replaced in our refrigerators.  Shipshewana is in the middle of Amish country in Northern Indiana.  Lots of good looking horses that I found out are generally trotter race horses that were just not fast enough to make it on the race circuit.  Very nice folks to have working on the coach.  We stayed the night in the parking area of the factory and they replaced the unit on Monday.

LaVon gave us  a bunch of fresh cut rhubarb from his mother’s garden.  You don’t get attention like that at very many places of buseness.

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  1. Michael Foster says:

    that sounds so cool. We love visiting Amish communities.

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